February 2019 Branch Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the Branch Meeting held on 6th February 2019 are now available in the Minutes section of the website.

They are a bit lengthy unfortunately, due to the amount of communications during January.

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Three Wise Monkeys Spotted in Beverley

On Saturday 2nd February 2019, three wise. Monkeys, along with a group of other Veterrans from the West Hull Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club, attended the East Riding Theatre in Beverley, to watch a performance of the play Glory Dazed .

Hear No Evil (Alison Sayell), See No Evil (Peter Watson) & Speak No Eviil (Sandra Robinson)

Glory Dazed, a play written by Cat Jones stared Sam Edward-Cook (Peakey Blinders) in a moving and darkly comic story of an Afghanistan veteran’s search for redemption, and a fascinating insight into the plight of ex-servicemen in modern Britain.

“This was a brilliantly performed, funny and emotionally charged play, the cast where fantastic and the story is compelling” said Peter Watson, secretary of the Hull & East Riding Branch RMPA.

Sam Edward-Cook playing Ray in Glory Dazed.